Imagine Raymond (c) Thomas Geuens

Excentric Chamberjazz, Vintage Electronics


Raymond Scott


Imagine Raymond is a new group with a long history. Wofo, the original quintet, was extended with trumpeter Jon Birdsong, composer / producer Dijf Sanders and visual artist Victor Van Rossem.


Together they dive into the head and the music of Raymond Scott, whose countless quotations in Warner Brothers cartoons anchored his music in our collective memory.


Scott was equally brilliant in composing popular acoustic music as in inventing and composing for electronic instruments. Imagine Raymond brings a synthesis of these two worlds, presenting a unique perspective.


Don’t expect a standard tribute, rather an adventurous musical journey, supported by video footage, manipulated live.


Mattias Laga - clarinets

Jon Birdsong - cornet

Michel Mast - tenor sax

Stijn Engels - piano

Dijf Sanders - elektronica

Xavier Verhelst - double bass

Jonathan Callens - drums

Victor Van Rossem - visuals


Laureaat JazzLab Impuls 2016

Imagine Raymond 2 (c) Thomas Geuens
Imagine Raymond 1 (c) Thomas Geuens