MDCIII (c) Bieke Depoorter/Magnum Photos

Improvisation, Jazz, Experimental


With Nordmann, Mattias De Craene combines the spontaneity and flexibility of a jazz band with the energy and tightness of a rock & roll unit.


With his own projects, the music increasingly delves into freedom, wide-ranging moods and a diverse range of line-ups. 


Inspired by John Lurie’s National Orchestra and the work of several other free-thinking musical ancestors, MDC III is De Craene’s new genre-defying trio with drummers Simon Segers and Lennert Jacobs. 


MDCIII is a double-drummed thunderstorm fronted by a saxophone that leads it into a psychotic red-light atmosphere where David Lynch meets Francis Ford Coppola.



Mattias De Craene - composition, reeds

Simon Segers - drums, percussion

Lennert Jacobs - drums, percussion


Bookings BE: Daan De Bruyne - Toutpartout -

Bookings NL: Marije Van Veen - Hot Topic - 

MDCIII (c) Bieke Depoorter/Magnum Photos