Compro Oro 1 (c) 2019 Athos Burez

A Twang-American, psychedelic underground road trip to Africa, the Middle East and the Americas


Cal Tjader, Marc Ribot, Mulatu Astatke, Sly & Robbie


With "Transatlantic" the Ghent based latin jazz collective Compro Oro released their catchy debut in 2015. The band explored traditional latin and cuban rhythms intermingled with wild guitar riffs and exotic vibraphone infusions. Their EP "Bombarda" digs deeper into several ethnic music traditions and leaves the audience dancing on dark grooves with a tinge of psychedelica.


On their recent albums, ‘Suburban Exotica’ (with special guest Joachim Cooder - son of living legend Ry Cooder - on percussion and electric mbira) and 'Simurg' (a collaboration with Turkish couple Murat & Esma Ertel), out on Sdban Ultra, the band takes things yet one step further, adding the sounds of the Middle East to the mix. Both album has been produced by keyboardist Dijf Sanders.


Wim Segers - vibraphone, marimba, synth, glockenspiel, percussion

Bart Vervaeck – electric guitar, pedal steel, oud, 5-string banjo

Matthias Debusschere – electric bass, electric ukulele

Falk Schrauwen – kalimba, congas, percussion

Frederik Van den Berghe - drums


Bookings BE: Björn Nuyens - Busker Artist Agency

Bookings EU: Dieter Craeye - ART-SPOT.BE

Compro Oro 1 (c) 2019 Athos Burez
Compro Oro 2 (c) 2019 Athos Burez