H A S T 1 (c) Geert Vandepoele

Jazz, Improvisation, Minimal, Rock


Tyft, Ben Monder, Human Feel, The Bad Touch, Car Bomb, Meshuggah


Conjuring up lush minimal soundscapes intertwined with noise elements and hard as nails riff rock, reminiscent of some kind of weird mixture between a Mondriaan and Pollock painting, H A S T is mind-blowing, ear-blowing and heart-blowing, exploring extreme dynamics, pure simplicity and everything in between.


H A S T, founded by alto saxophone player Rob Banken, is an instrumental band rooted in jazz, heavy rock and improvisation. Their signature sound can best be described as not shying away from exploratory intellect while still maintaining passages of stunning simplicity, rock riffs and free improvisation.


Ubi Sunt (Where are... {they}?), is part of the Latin question "Ubi sunt qui ante nos fuerunt?". (Where are those who were before us?'). This kind of questioning evolved into a stylistic figure in medieval poetry, which was mainly used in the then popular elegies (a reference to 'Elegy', the debut album of H A S T).


Originally an expression of a sense of nostalgia, it became more and more a reflection on transience and mortality. The music on 'Ubi Sunt' was written and recorded in the middle of a the coronacrisis. Ubi Sunt: “Que sont mes amis devenus. Que j’avais de si près tenus. Et tant amés? …” (Rutebeuf).


2018 : Laureate STORM! Contest
2017 : Winner Jazztract Gent Jazz Festival
2016 : Laureate Theater Aan Zee


Rob Banken - alto saxophone

Artan Buleshkaj - guitar

Roeland Celis - guitar

Cyrille Obermüller - double bass

Elias Devoldere - drums


Bookings BENELUX: Dieter Craeye - ART-SPOT.BE

H A S T 1 (c) Geert Vandepoele
H A S T 2 (c) Geert Vandepoele
H A S T 3 (c) Geert Vandepoele