Nordmann (c) 2020 Charlie De Keersmaecker

Alt Rock, Jazz, Electronica


Alt Rock, Jazz, Electronica


Some ten years ago, Nordmann came into being after a successful improv session that was destined to last. The four musicians succeeded in fusing the liberties of improv jazz with the intensity of rock music, and their shows immediately caused a stir in their native Belgium.


They managed to capture the energy of their live gigs on their debut album ‘Alarm’ (2015) while follow up ‘The Boiling Ground’ from 2017 gained them the status of household name and must-see live band. They toured the record on a 50 date stretch across Europe. That summer, Nordmann headlined some of the most important jazz and rock festivals and earned raving reviews proving their music was fit for small clubs and  main stages alike.

In the last few years, the band members have engaged in compelling solo and side projects, whilst at the same time gearing up to create new Nordmann music.


Nordmann’s third album, their first on Unday Records, is out now. 


Mattias De Craene - saxophones, loops, synths
Edmund Lauret - guitar
Thijs Troch - synths, guitar
Dries Geusens - bass, synth
Elias Devoldere - drums


Bookings BE: Björn Nuyens - Busker Artist Agency

Bookings NL: Jerome Williams - Earthbeat

Nordmann (c) 2020 Charlie De Keersmaecker
Nordmann (c) 2020 Charlie De Keersmaecker
Nordmann (c) 2020 Charlie De Keersmaecker