Steiger 1 (c) 2018 Leon De Backer, Gerd De Kinderen

Jazztrio playing with a rock 'n roll attitude


free improvisation, jazz, experimental


Winner Jong Jazztalent 2017 - Gent Jazz Festival

Selected for 12 Points Festival 2018


If 'And Above All' (2017) and 'Give Space' (2018) prove anything, it’s that Steiger is not just a band, but a continuous work-in-progress. Gilles Vandecaveye-Pinoy (keyboards), Kobe Boon (bass) and Simon Raman (drums) eagerly explore the outer margins of jazz and dive into other universes (contemporary music, electronica, pop, free improvisation,…), but basically also remain faithful to the genre’s long-standing core principle; that of a flexible transformation.


The winners of the 2017 Gent Jazz Festivals' Jazztalent award had been selected to play the 12 Points Festival in 2018. For their new EP 'Brick Smoke Basement' (2020, Sdban Ultra), that paves the way for a third album (2021, Sdban Ultra), the trio continues its path of renewal and experiment. By doing this, they build on 'Give Space', but also move beyond it, to explore as yet unfamiliar territory.


Gilles Vandecaveye - piano, keyboards

Kobe Boon - bass

Simon Raman - drums


Bookings BE: Griet De Blende - Rumoer! - +32 477 681 421

bookings NL: Walter Wilhelm - Dox Live

Steiger foto 1 (c) Victor Van Hoof
Steiger (c) Victor Van Hoof
Steiger (c) Victor Van Hoof
Steiger banner residenties (c) Leon De Backer, Gerd De Kinderen