TOO NOISY FISH 1 (c) 2018 Jan Locus

Contemporary Jazz, Piano Trio, Impro


jazz, rock, techno, impro, film, contemporary music


Too Noisy Fish, aka the rhythm section of the Flat Earth Society, is a pianotrio inspired by any musical genre, with the freedom of jazz being the common denominator. The original compositions by Peter Vandenberghe navigate between jazz, rock, techno, impro, film, contemporary music... The result is a unique and coherent sound with the ability of exploring new paths during live performances. Production leads reproduction.


Their cd's, “Fast Easy Sick” and “Fight Eat Sleep” have been widely acclaimed for their adventurous music and virtuoso playing, as well as their live concerts. “Fight Eat Sleep”, produced by Oz Fritz, made it to the Album Of The Year list in the New York City Jazz Record.


Furious Empathic Silence (IGLOO Records, 2019) is the next step in their creative and existential quest. Taking their inspiration from 20th century composers (Ives, Ravel, Messiaen), jazz icons (Miles, Monk, Cecil Taylor), hiphop and other influences, the trio once again sets out to create music that will surely ask questions (maybe even the right ones) and perhaps offer answers. Or not. In any case, the journey once again promises to be colorful, daring and filled with surprises.


Peter Vandenberghe - piano

Kristof Roseeuw - double bass

Teun Verbruggen - drums

TOO NOISY FISH 1 (c) 2018 Jan Locus
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Too Noisy Fish 3 (c) 2018 Jan Locus.jpg