WASDAMAN (c) Pieter Clicteur

Zappa-inspired Jazzrock, Progressive, Improvisation, Jazz Suite


Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Weather Report


With Wasdaman, Bas Bulteel shows his versatility as a musician. His music is a crossover between progressive rock and contemporary jazz, and bears heavily from the broad spectrum of electronic music genres.


Wasdaman’s sound is energetic, rhythmic and with many references to a.o. the music of Frank Zappa, King Crimson and Miles Davis’ electric years.


Their first album was released in October 2019 through W.E.R.F. Records.


"The brand new group Wasdaman flirts with prog rock and electronics, but can't be reduced to the often quoted influences like Zappa. Their music is above all a ferocious, uninhibited vibe and their love for the electric guitar." - Focus Knack


Bas Bulteel - Fender Rhodes, Keyboards

Jan Ghesquière - Guitar

Frank Debruyne - Saxophones

Joshua Dellaert - Bass

Jonathan Callens - Drums


Bookings BENELUX: Joshua Dellaert - ART-SPOT.BE

WASDAMAN (c) Pieter Clicteur
WASDAMAN (c) Pieter Clicteur
WASDAMAN (c) Annie Boedt
WASDAMAN (c) Michel Leerman